One Weird Trick to Lose Weight

Stop eating so much sugar, you fatass!

It’s kind of crazy how much sugar we eat in a day without even realizing it. Everything you thought was safe isn’t. Just to put a perspective on things, you should only be eating 10% of your calories in added sugar a day, at the most.* This is 50 grams of sugar for a 2000 calorie diet.** Added sugar does not include sugars that are naturally found in foods like fruit. You have probably heard this a lot, but one can of pop roughly contains 40 grams of sugar per can. That’s not all. Pretty much every fruit juice has the same amount of sugar as a can of pop.

You say “But wait Tim, you’re completely wrong. Tropicana has only 22 grams of sugar per serving while Pepsi has a whopping 40 grams”. Even if I assumed you were a master at pouring exactly one serving of juice, which you are not, if you look closely at the labels you can see that 1 serving of Pepsi is 355 millilitres while one serving of Tropicana is only 240 millilitres. We need to do some math to be able to compare the two. Since millilitres is volume, and volume is comparable between two different substances (unlike mass), all we need to do is calculate what percentage the volume of the Tropicana serving is of the volume of the Pepsi serving and divide the grams of sugar in the Tropicana by that amount. While this may seem complicated, I’ve done the heavy lifting and got you covered.

What this means is, if you were to fill a Pepsi can with Tropicana orange juice, instead of soda, it would contain 32.54 grams of sugar, which is pretty close to the 40 grams in Pepsi. Keep in mind Tropicana is one of the better juices and you’re far more likely to buy flavoured sugar water, which has even more sugar in it, because it’s cheaper.

I'm certain you have probably been screaming this whole time that Tropicana is a “natural” juice, so it’s not really added sugar. Here’s the thing about that. Even if I believed that this company didn’t add a single speck of extra sugar (which I don’t), all store bought juices are terrible for you and are the equivalent to eating candy. The best way to drink juice is fresh so you can get the full benefit from it. Store bought juices undergo heating processes to make them last longer, but kill a lot of the nutrition.*** It’s just way better to just eat the fruit anyway.

Basically the top three things you want to drink to avoid sugar is as follows:

1. Water (no sugar)
2. Milk (Natural Sugar)
3. Powerade (only 28g of sugar per 500ml)

So drink more water, drink less flavoured beverages and go outside and exercise you fat piece of shit.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to email me. My contact information is listed under the contact section of this site, located on the menu bar to your left. Keep in mind I will respond at my leisure, and I will be sure to post any emails that I find hilarious along with my responses to them, just because I am a dick like that. Thanks for taking the time to read this and have a great day.

**(2000cal * 10% ÷ 4 = 50g) (There are 4 calories per gram of sugar)

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